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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

End of School Celebration

I can't believe this year is over.  What a great year it has been.  Ty has learned so much at school and made some awesome friends.  He tells me often he will miss his teachers.  I think I will too! Thankful for both of them. 

Plain Rotten!

She would not sit still.  We went up and down those stairs maybe 75 times.  

This girl loves her Grandma

Marching in

Ready to put on a show

Cleo and Ty

Ty's classmates all loved Logan.  They all wanted to hold her.  She was too fast.

Silly faces

Madeline and Ty.  Forever Friends!

Mrs. Ruczko!

Ms. Davis!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Water Day at School

Fun anyone?  What a blast.  I think the shaving cream table was the biggest hit.  What kid doesn't love getting messy?  

 Homemade moon sand.  Awesome stuff.  Flour and baby oil.  We had to make some when we got home.

Snack time!

At the Car Wash!

Ty and Ella with their silly faces

This one cracks me up.

Ty and Madeline taking a break

I sure do love this boy

Sunday, May 19, 2013

House Guest

So, after coming home from a busy day with the kids, Ali, Ty, Logan and I were in the living room playing.  I got up to throw away some trash.  Looked in the dining room.  thought someone was playing a trick with a fake snake.  Looked again, and his head popped up. Holy crap.  Holy crap. Travis was not home. My parents and missy were out looking at lake property.  Richard was not home.  Finally, Chris was home.  Him and Kate came over.  Chris trapped him in a trashcan.  I freaked out the whole time.  I made the kids go upstairs until it was out. 

 I say it was about 4-4.5 feet long and about around as quarter.  In other words, to big to be in my house.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Movie Night

Who doesn't love a movie night!  It was a neighborhood kids party.  We had Jamey, Lizzy, Josh, Shae. Zoe, Eden, Shane, Addie, Ty and Logan (and Ali and Ashlyn for a bit).  Yes, I was the only adult.  It was so much fun.  The kids all played well together and had wonderful manners.  I think Logan had the most fun.  Once it was time to watch the movie, everyone settled down and was quiet.  I popped 8! bags of popcorn, and I think they could have eaten more!!!!  The movie for the night was Madagascar 3.  Such a cute movie.

Meeting Mr. Ricky!

This is one happy boy.  Finally.  He gets to meet Mr. Ricky.  We made a date night out of it.  Got to spend some time with Ricky at Saki Tumi and they almost had me talked into letting Ty see Ricky perform at Social Bar.  Remember, Ty is 4.  Instead we headed to get ice cream and play around.  

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Logan's First Birthday

Wow!  And I blink my eyes and you are ONE!!!  Never in my dreams did I imagine your first year of life would be so grand.  You make me smile from ear to ear.  Those 4 teeth could be the cutest thing ever.  You have the most infectious laugh and you can see the happiness in your eyes.  Although you are not walking, you are a bullet when you are crawling.  Faster than fast.  I had Ty in the shower the other day and before I saw you, you had crawled into the bottom of the shower with your pj's on!  You loved it.  I sighed and then just laughed.  Speaking of Ty, you love him so much.  You like to watch him to see what he is doing.  But sometimes he will annoy you with too much attention.  You both share your toys very well and we haven't had a fight yet.  I can't get you to say any words.  Your daddy thinks you have said Da, referring to him.  I'm not so sure.  You can tell me what the cow, dog and duck say, but not very often.  It's like you are stubborn and won't do "tricks".  When grandma asks you where her baby is, you will point to yourself.  It's so cute.  You love the stairs.  You can climb them pretty fast.  I have no problem getting you to eat.  you prefer meat to anything else.  You eat pretty much anything I put in front of you and usually want more.  You look just like your daddy but I pray you act like me.

For your first birthday, we had some family and friends over.  It was a fun party.   I'm really into the owl theme right now so that is what we went with!
Dad and Ty went for biscuits.  This was my first  Happy Birthday Song! 

I love tutu's!

So happy!


Did they plan the black dress code?

Ali-oops and Grandy

My Princess!

Aunt Lori and Logan

This is as close to walking that we get.

GG- Great Grandma

Uncle Justin and Aunt Tracy

I don't know who this is

Logan with Aunt Lori's phone.  Go figure.

I wonder what Logan is telling Kallie.

Heather and her girls Kallie and Korlie with me an Logan.

That whole cake and she wants the candle!

You liked us singing Happy Birthday to you!

She was eating all the pink icing.  

Kallie and Korlie

The whole gang

I think Ty had too much fun playing with the Higbe boys and Gavin.  


Elmo scared her.  LOL

Ali is showing you your new toy!

Sweet Dylan

Unckie Monkey and Dylan

I'm sure Collin deserved this, not.  

I sure do love my Momma!

Happy Birthday sweet Logan!

Thankful for all my friends and family that came and celebrated Logan's special day.  We are so blessed to have each of you in our lives!